Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Good music anywhere we are...

Now THAT'S how to practice!

Smith & Session had a great Saturday afternoon together.  Music is all about bringing people together, and that is what happened at the last practice session of our band.  We practiced our songs for a while, but then carried the good vibes on to lunch! We cooked up a bar-b-que potluck and spent the afternoon getting to know each other's friends and family that came over to enjoy the day with us.  It was a wonderful collaborative effort between the band mates and families, and it left everyone with full tummies and good music rolling in their heads on the way home.  Now THAT is how you know you are making music the right way - taking time to hone the tone while enjoying the people you make the music with.  We'd like to thank all the family members that pitched in to make the afternoon a wonderful time!